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LDN (Laboratory Distribution Network) is comprised of professional, experienced, knowledgeable, technical leaders in the dental field committed to bringing advanced, technical products to market.  Our goal is to partner with dental laboratory technicians  to cultivate a valued partnership with innovative and high value products.

Our Mission!


“Laboratory Distribution Network is an organization that is committed to the efficient distribution and product support for high quality, technical dental products”. Our Product Partner companies represent that same vision that centers around Service, Support, Quality, Innovation, and Vision.  

Current Deals


Plaque Photo® is a light curing custom tray/base plate material, based on hybridcomposite technology. These materials are available in Pink and Blue and allows for a clean and fast work out. Surplus material can be reused for other applications (such as as a grip on cured trays). The material is quickly polymerized with UV or halogen light.

Coming to LDN!


Removable Connect  - The most innovative product on the market to pickup attachments in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.  RC can pick up attachments using a chemical bond chairside in under 10 minutes. It also reduces the patient's wait time as the attachments can be picked up in 1 visit rather than sending it out to a lab and having the patient have to return. 


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